From the heart of Mario Kart, Smash, and Splatoon.

No client was more significant to my design career in esports than EndGameTV. A collaborative of event organizers and broadcasters that was founded in 2015 and dissolved in 2021, EGtv was my design home, the reason I broke into Smash, and also exposed me to the Splatoon community. Through its existence, I handled the vast majority of its design output and often manned its social media presence on Twitter.

Institutional Identity

The EndGameTV institutional identity was a reflection of its Mario Kart roots. In Mario Kart Wii, there is no item more powerful than the lightning bolt—"the shock", in MKW parlance—which spins out the other racers and makes them small and slow for a time. Some interim EGtv logos had used a shock symbol, but I was able to solve the bolt as two triangles into which the letters E and G were formed. This symbol and the unusual purple-and-gold scheme set us apart from other comers in Smash and Splatoon and was often recognized as one of the better brand identities in the scene.

Eventually, EGtv had 7,000 followers on Twitter!

Event Designs

EndGameTV was constantly out in the market with new events in Splatoon and Smash, which meant a steady stream of event brands.

Our two largest Smash initiatives were Don't Park on the Grass, a major in Seattle in 2016 and 2018, and two installments of the Flatiron series in Boulder, Colorado, in 2017 and 2018.

These were top-tier events and demanded a full suite of printed and on-screen graphics over the life cycle of the event and prior promotions. DPG in particular holds a place in my heart because it was the first event of this size I had ever designed. DPG18 was the first-ever major for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by sheer luck of timing, happening a week after the game's release.

Flatiron was always a fun series to design for as well, and I adopted a color palette mixing earth tones and sky blue. Nearly four years on, it still remains the most recent event of note in the Colorado Smash community.

I also enjoyed Saving Mr. Lombardi, especially Saving Mr. Lombardi 2 with its more streamlined logo.

Equally exciting were our Splatoon initiatives, which ran the gamut and cemented EGtv as a pioneer and leader in the space. We ran many of our own events as well as occasional broadcasts of top Japanese tournaments. EGtv was identified as path-breaking in forging some of the first connections between the West and the burgeoning Japanese community of players, and it also ran the first Western Splatoon LANs. LANs in particular became an EGtv house specialty.

Broadcast Graphics

I also was the designer of many of the on-air graphics used in thousands of hours of EndGameTV programming. Some samplers: