Cut through the chaos with brands that stand out.

Raymie Humbert identifies your branding challenges and designs solutions that satisfy even fickle tastes. Count on years of experience in esports, politics, and beyond.

Follow in their footsteps.

Raymie has gone out of his way to get to know our brand so well that he has formed his own connection to it, enabling him to make productive design and content suggestions to us for each project.
Debbie Yunker Kail
Hillel Jewish Student Center at ASU
He is super responsive and detailed, and I have always been super pleased with the end results.
Kris Krohn
Owner, Retro Games Plus and Retro World Expo
Raymie is really invested in ensuring your ideas show up in their final designs. I can recognize if they have made something at first glance (in a good way!).
Trinity Schaeffer
Owner, heartswapTV
Raymie has a unique eye for broadcast graphics that reminds me of the feel of network television. He makes certain my clients don’t fall into the traps of graphic design for video, specifically in esports.
Taylor Broad
Production Consultant

Put a fox in your brand house.

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