A new era for an old friend.

In 2017, I became associated with SAK Gaming, the largest organizer of Super Smash Bros. tournaments in the state of Arizona. After what felt like a devastating 2020, the company was back and ready to run tournaments again. It was clear that it had outgrown much of its old brand and that something new was required while maintaining SAK's substantial regional brand equity.

Vibrant, AZ, and forward

Built around the vibrant "SAK Blue", a distinctive brand color among tournament organizers of its size nationally, was a new identity centered on a new custom "SAK" wordmark. There are two defining angles, which in turn inspired an argyle background used on SAK institutional communications. The three core brand colors—Almost Black, SAK Blue, and Almost White—allow for a mixing and matching to reflect different moods and priorities. Further, the core center design of the S is sometimes blown up as the background for social media applications.

In addition, there's a social media icon version where the S stands alone in two tones (blue over white).


SAK is constantly generating new initiatives and events (many of which I also design), and the logo is designed to coexist seamlessly with other event brands and sub-brands. Some of these use the Halyard family of typefaces to connect back to the SAK institutional look.